taekwondo - Brandon Winer Taekwondo Through out the years...

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Brandon Winer Taekwondo Through out the years all sorts of movies, TV shows, toys, and assortment of other things have been centered around the martial arts. From Jackie Chan to Bruce Lee, people are fascinated by the amazing spin kicks, wall climbs and 5 on 1 battles that make these ninjas almost sub-human. I myself as likely many of you, enjoy seeing Jackie Chan defeating countless opponents using all sorts of clever moves and only wish that I too could emulate those moves. Lucky for me, I had the pleasure of interviewing my roommate Rohan Rao who is a black belt in multiple disciplines of the martial arts. Now there are many forms of the martial arts, judo, jujitsu, karate. But today I will primarily be focusing on the art of taekwondo. I will be discussing the history of taekwondo, the training, and its common uses today. Taekwondo is a martial art and combat sport originating in Korea. The oldest ancestor of taekwondo is an variation of unarmed combat styles developed by three rival Korean kingdoms of Goguryeo, Silla and Baekje. Young men of the kingdoms were trained in unarmed combat techniques to develop strength, speed, and survival skills. As the Goguryeo kingdom grew in power, the neighboring Silla kingdom became comparatively weaker, and an effort was undertaken among the Silla to develop a corps of special warriors. The Silla had a regular army but its military training techniques were less advanced than those of the Goguryeo, and its soldiers were generally of a lesser
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taekwondo - Brandon Winer Taekwondo Through out the years...

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