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Christain McDermott CAN/AM Studies 2/24/08 Canadian/ American Football Football: American v . Canadian Although many would refuse to believe it, Football was actually introduced in Canada, by the British Army garrison in Montreal . The garrison played a series of games against a rag-tag team from McGill University . Shortly thereafter, in 1874, the Army garrison invited a team from Harvard University to participate in a series of home-home games in the new sport . Each team played one home game . This was the first game of Football played in the United States, and also started the differences in regulations between the Canadian and American versions of the game (Lewis) . In American Football 11 players line up on either side of the line of scrimmage, where the ball is placed . In Canada this number is 12, which is due to the larger Canadian field (110x65 yards plus 20 yard end zones) compared to the American field (100x53½ with 10 yard end zones) (Lewis) . The difference in size of the field can be traced all the way back to the Harvard v . Army games in 1874 where the Harvard team played on a 100x50 yard field and the Canadians played on a field the size of a rugby pitch (Feinstein) . Most of the differences in rules can be traced to the early 20 th century when the NCAA adopted evolved rules, mostly to protect the players, and theses rules were not
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McDermott 2 adopted by the CFL, or Canadian Football League (NCAA) . One of the most glaring differences is the use of downs (CFL) . In the American version of the game each team has four downs to advance the ball 10 yards, and if they fail to do so they forfeit possession of the ball to the opposing team . On any down, and most commonly the fourth, the offense can elect to punt the ball to the other team, a tactic that a team employs if they are unsure they can get the required 10 yards and hope to give their opponent worse field position, and therefore a harder time to score a touchdown (NCAA) . In Canadian Football a team only has three downs to advance the ball ten yards (CFL) . This can be traced to the Harvard games in which Harvard changed the downs from three to four in order to increase offense, as the games were going a long time without points (Lewis) . Scoring in the NFL is based on touchdowns, field goals, safeties, two-point
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Canada - Christain McDermott CAN/AM Studies 2/24/08...

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