Pro-Life Debate paper #1

Pro-Life Debate paper #1 - Christain McDermott Comm...

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Christain McDermott 12/2/07 Comm 235-Stein Paper #1 The Abortion Debate The legality of the act of aborting a child has been seriously debated in United States politics for dozens of years. The most pivotal turn came in 1973 when the Supreme Court ruled that abortion was constitutional, and there for legalized it in the landmark case Roe v. Wade. Since then this ruling has been contested numerous times in the courts, all with the same outcome as the first; abortion is constitutional. But before debating abortion, first you must understand what an abortion is. Generally an abortion is the termination of a fetus while still in the mother’s womb, this generally occurs in the first six months of a pregnancy (Armstrong). And generally, it is her right to choose if and when that happens. Now, the ruling that abortion is legal came down because generally a fetus doesn’t show’s signs of life, or humanness until after the second trimester, but just recently a new 3-D ultrasound technology was introduced, which show’s a baby that is still in the womb, and way before the third trimester, showing distinct signs of life, such as sucking a thumb, air running or even smiling (McElroy). So the debate then evolves from is abortion legal, to what constitutes life Most Pro-Life (tricky name, because really, who is anti-life?) activists claim that life begins at conception, and that killing an unborn fetus is the same as killing a newborn baby. These people generally think that no baby should be aborted, under any
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McDermott 2 circumstances. Some go to extreme measures, showing pictures of aborted fetus’, promising eternal damnation, and picketing outside of abortion clinics, all in the name of the rights of these unborn children. Millions of dollars a year is spent on anti-abortion campaigns and materials, which many see as a worthy cause. But still, some of that money is spent producing falsified facts about abortion and giving them to women entering abortion clinics. Things like, 10% of all abortions have serious medical complications (Armstrong). Our current president, along with most right wing politicians and red states, think
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Pro-Life Debate paper #1 - Christain McDermott Comm...

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