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Tudeh Presentation - Tudeh Party"Party of the Masses of Iran 1 Goals/Agenda 1945-1953 2 Main constraints or obstacles they faced 3 Major

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Tudeh Party – “Party of the Masses of Iran” 1) Goals/Agenda 1945-1953 2) Main constraints or obstacles they faced 3) Major Actions/decisions they took and the results a. Communist party – started in N. in 1920 (input of Russia and Azerbaijan) – underground movement…founded in Tehran in 1941 b. When Reza Shah came to power he had everyone arrested b/c he wanted to stop the Communist party from taking power ------- c. WWII – Reza Shah = forced into exile, many former Communist prisoners were released and the party resurged d. Advocated sweeping reform ------- e. 1944 – pro-Soviet faction gained control of the party; Tudeh party won seats in the Majlis (Parliament) and they held to pass laws limiting child labor to a 48 hr work wk, guaranteeing leaves; setting min wage f. They brought about a lot of social reform (but NOT revolution…fix the problems the Shah’s had created over the years) ------- g. 1946 – Iran- occupied by all 3 Allied powers in WWII and they agreed they’d
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