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Iran-China Presentation

Iran-China Presentation - Shah wanted to increase Iran's...

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Shah wanted to increase Iran’s regional role, through the exclusion of the military bases of the big powers from the Persian Gulf and, perhaps, the Indian Ocean PRC and Iran shared an interest in protecting Pakistan against subjugation by India China was respected militarily in the region due to its defeat of India in 1962 and its possession of nuclear weapons Beijing criticized Iran in March of 1959 for its decision to ally with the US, rather than join the anti-imperialist countries Use of and success of using oil as a weapon was greatly applauded Chinese said it demonstrated that it was how the Western capitalists had amassed their wealth: exploiting Third World raw materials Use of raw materials was a new phenomenon in combating hegemony Shah volunteered to produce and protect Gulf oil for the US after the British withdrawal from the area in order to reap the rewards of top-of-the-line US military equipment and a more prominent position in the region
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