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PRC Reforms - Incentive for certain Chinese industries...

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Incentive for certain Chinese industries, particularly the defense industry, to develop outside markets, such as Iran Possibilities that Iranians captured many Iraqi technologies during the Iran-Iraq War, like old Soviet equipment and French missiles, which they shared with the Chinese Chinese technology was less advanced than Western capital goods, but it was cheaper Local and individual initiative in order to stimulate production, which could be reinvested in modernization Students desired greater political freedom, not just economic reform Wei Jingsheng wrote Fifth Modernization , calling for democracy Feng claimed the socialist movement was a failure and China needed not just modernization, but Westernization, which was a euphemism for democracy Deng Xiaoping educated a whole generation that was smarter than he was, but in doing so those people tended to have their own ideas Secret police created under leaders such Stalin and Hussein in order to keep those
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