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Yunus Presentation - "Banker to the Poor"...

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“Banker to the Poor” Muhammad Yunus Since Bangladesh became an independent country, our population has almost doubled. But we are certainly not twice as poor. Indeed, we are better off today than we were twenty-seven years ago. We have fewer food shortages and though we feed twice the population we are far more self-sufficient in food grains. Governments and population agencies are not putting nearly as much effort into changing the quality of life of the poor as they put into their scare tactics, such as pressuring illiterate men and women to physically remove their ability to procreate. Once they have increased their incomes through self-employment, Grameen borrowers show remarkable determination to have fewer children, educate the ones they have, and participate actively in our democracy. If micro-credit can help bring family-planning awareness to families, why do not governments and international agencies, which as are so concerned about population growth, promote micro-credit more actively than they do? We shall plan to keep our families small. – from the ‘Sixteen Decisions’ Bangladesh, Ministry of Planning, Bureau of Statistics, Statistics Division, Statistical Yearbook of Bangladesh, 1987, Dhaka, July 1988 Contraceptive practices increased from 12.7 percent of eligible couples in 1979 to 25 percent in mid-1985. Sterilization was the most commonly sought in government plans in fiscal year
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Yunus Presentation - "Banker to the Poor"...

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