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Hijra, which means withdrawal, was the migration of the Prophet Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Medina in 622 Establishment in Mecca intimidated and economically boycotted the budding Muslim population, causing them to leave eventually Ummah is the Islamic community, originally those who moved to Medina, but then changed to mean all the tribes of Arabia Jihad originally referred to the situations in which a Muslim could act violently toward their enemies; sanctioned warfare defensively, with many conditions attached Capital of the Arab world is moved to Damascus in the 7 th century; after which the caliph becomes more like a emperor than a humble chieftain Ulama, the legal scholars of Islam, became the interpreters of sharia and the Qur’an during the Islamic Golden age, they expanded definition and use of jihad and fatwas Ibn Taymiyyah founded a movement in the 13 th century to return to more
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