1990-1991 Iraq

1990-1991 Iraq - 1990-1991 Main domestic factions and...

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Unformatted text preview: 1990-1991 Main domestic factions and issues(chpt 9)The Modern History of Iraq MarrThe Second Persian Gulf War (a.k.a. Gulf War, Operation Desert Storm) interstate waroBEGAN: August 2, 1990 -Iraqi invasion of KuwaitoENDED: March 3, 1991- Iraq accepts cease-fire(Thought Kuwait was stealing their oilbut the intl world said WAITwhat about the Kuwaiti borderwe told Saddam to go home cause that wasnt right.)(Iraq-Kuwait Relations Prior to the 1990 Invasion.o1961- Iraq (President Qasim) threatens Kuwait, invoking old Ottoman claims. Britain supports Kuwait and Iraq backs down.o1973, March- Iraq occupies as-Samitah, a border post on Kuwait-Iraq border. Dispute began when Iraq demanded the right to occupy the Kuwaiti islands of Bubiyan and Warbah. Saudi Arabia and the Arab League convinced Iraq to withdraw.o1980-1988- Kuwait supports Iraq in the First Persian Gulf War with Iran.)3 Basic Causes for conflict/Iraqi invasion of Kuwait:1)Iraq had considered Kuwait to be a part of Iraq for many years= many confrontations and much hostility over the yearsoSaddam Hussein's attempted invasion of Iran defeated, he sought easier conquests against his weak southern neighbors....
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1990-1991 Iraq - 1990-1991 Main domestic factions and...

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