China and Iran presentation stuff

China and Iran presentation stuff - What are the main...

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What are the main goals, strategies, and adjustments in Iran’s policy toward China under the Shah? And in China’s policy toward the Shah’s Iran? Iran’s policy toward China (under the Shah): Main goals: Mohammad Rez Pahlavi (Shah/King of Iran, 1941-1979) wanted to resort Iran to its greatness. To make Iran a “prosperous, industrialized, welfare state with formidable economic and military power” (pg. 29) Massive land reform program—i.e. the “white revolution” (’63); Nationalized oil (’73) “Henceforth (after est. sovereignty over Iran’s oil) the relation between Iran and the Western oil companies was to be that between a seller (Iran) and buyers (the Western companies” (pg. 31) The Shah wanted to increase Iran’s power in the broader Persian Gulf region and create “an environment favorable to achievement of Iranian interests, and then to use Iran’s enhanced position in the Gulf as a stepping-stone to global political status” (pg. 31) –become prominent in the region/regional hegemony o To do this, the Shah had to obtain “the support of as many great powers as possible” (pg. 32) o 1970s – had China’s recognition, among others BUT didn’t look to China for economic support (“Iran and China [also] produced basically the same set of export goods in the 1960s and 1970s pg. 33) needed China’s political support b/c “China was a great power that understood military force” (pg. 33) Iran sought to use relations w/ China as a way to keep itself independent of the US (to remain non-aligned when necessary) BUT
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China and Iran presentation stuff - What are the main...

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