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Yugoslavia wasn’t a unique instance as and after the USSR collapsed Umbrella identities out of the various ethnic and national identities were also created in the Central Asia republics by the Soviets; they also ended up in civil war Pervious identities had been persecuted by fabricated Soviet and state identities Periphery Soviet states drifted toward large amounts strife at the end of the USSR Croats have been historically identified as Catholics Serbs inhabited the southern and eastern parts of Croatia and they had been seen historically as an acceptable buffer between the Ottoman and Hapsburg Empires Rather than support migration to Serbia proper, they wanted to stake their claim to Serbian-occupied areas in Croatia Myth of Serbophobia, inspired by Eastern Orthodox thinking, that they deserved more rights and would be expelled by the lands they had occupied for years Nationalism of the Serbs was greatly laced with the idea of persecution Croats were seen to have become the lackeys of the Vatican in order to regain lands
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Yugoslavia 2 - • • • • • • • • • • •...

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