WWI Imperialism

WWI Imperialism - Working with the Europeans wasnt seen as...

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Working with the Europeans wasn’t seen as working after the broken promises regarding self-determination of WWI According to Nguyen Thai Hoc moderate reform could improve life in Vietnam and all people have the right to protect themselves against aggression from outside powers Working with the French could possibly have brought public schools, housing, and libraries; protected local economies; and addressed social and economic problems Assumption that the French truly believe in the cultural motive of bringing modernization to undeveloped peoples French weren’t willing to work with the Vietnamese Nationalist Party (Viet Nam Quoc Dan Dang) or heeding Nguyen Thai Hoc’s Assumption of guilt by the French of the Nationalist Party after the Yen Bai mutiny Attempt by the French to create terror in order to crush thoughts of uprisings after Yen Bai, but instead it made them very unpopular and created resentment Gandhi believed in the British legal status of all people but after WWI, like many non-European Westernizers, wanted to remove the imperialists from the picture Gandhi went to the Indian Ocean in order to make salt as a form of civil resistance against the British monopoly on salt production ‘Cultural/moral superiority’ that the West claimed was destroyed by the
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WWI Imperialism - Working with the Europeans wasnt seen as...

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