Yunus - 1990-1991 main domestic factions and issues...

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1990-1991 main domestic factions and issues (chapter 9) Three Share Farm Experiment Yunus’ first experience with the gap between third-world reality and Western economic theory, moving from philosophy to hands-on Land wasn’t being used in the wintertime and it would be a more surplus of food 16% of possible crop yield, creating famine Farmers couldn’t agree on how to farm the land previous to Yunus’ experiment Share the profits between land owners, sharecroppers, and Yunus Use of land during the dry season, labor, and monetary backing Sharecropper is someone who uses someone else’s land to farm on and they give the landowner part of the harvest in exchange for using that land Bad history between the farmers and the well owners Sharecroppers weren’t the poorest of the poor in Bangladesh Richer the farmer, the more made by Three-Share and the poor the sharecropper, the less made by the experiment Poor make enough to survive, but are still stuck in poverty in traditional methods Sufficient portion of population who doesn’t benefit from increasing food supply Jobra stool makers Cycle of lending to making goods to selling back goods for a minute profit Societal barriers such as women’s oppression and confinement to their homes Small loans could break the cycle of poverty in order to buy raw materials and then the women could sell their products on the market themselves Widowed, divorced, uneducated women with around five children and without familial support worked for hours on end every day making almost no money Women made only enough money to feed their families, nothing more Men were the only people who were supposed to handle money Economic niche of local moneylenders Moneylenders are aware that they can exploit the poor through extraordinary interests week and that the banks wouldn’t lend the money Banks wouldn’t lend money because of the small amounts they wanted and because they were illiterate Money had to be returned as a lump sum and interest rates couldn’t be lowered
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Yunus - 1990-1991 main domestic factions and issues...

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