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Causes of the Rwandan Civil War Belgians favored Tutsis during the Belgian colonial era o Hutus were considered second class citizens Belgians encouraged Hutu uprisings in the name of democracy upon leaving Rwanda, thus reversing their former favoritism 1990-exiled Tutsis in Uganda became increasingly unhappy and formed the Rwandese Patriotic Front (RPF) o Hutus considered Tutsi diaspora an “evil aristocracy” that had been rightly exiled, but Tutsis demanded recognition of their rights as Rwandans o Uganda passed legislation preventing non-Ugandans from owning land, forcing the Tutsis out and fueling the fire of discontent and the desire to return to Rwanda 1990-Slumping economy Food shortages October 1, 1990-RPF troops invade Rwanda, starting Civil War After the end of the war, government leaders formed militias and put plans in place to exterminate the Tutsi race How it contributed to genocide Tutsis intended for the invasion to pressure the government into ending their second-class status,
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Unformatted text preview: but it was viewed as an attempt to bring the Tutsis back into power and enslave the Hutu race o Caused ethnic tensions to rise to all-time highs • War disrupted agriculture and communication o Severely damaged distribution and availability of food o Widespread hunger and starvation • Large section of population displaced o Estimated 1/7 Rwandans o Mixed with Hutu refugees from Burundi • Government lost the war o Political parties split in half Those in favor of sharing power with RPF as outlined in peace talks versus those opposed Each half blamed the other for failure o Political Oppositions targeted • Army was defeated o Defeat only made factions of the army angrier and fueled the desire to “purify the nation” of any impurity that made it weaker Recreated a sense of national unity • Hutus...
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