WWI - Marx believed that when capitalism was overthrown by...

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Marx believed that when capitalism was overthrown by the proletariat there would not instantly a communist world, but there would be a transitional period of socialism Socialism still contains class conflict and leaders, but there would a monopoly by the state of all industry, etc Marxists were a fairly minimal force in the revolution, they were small and divided WWI was the eventual reason that the Tsar was overthrown Nationalism in the 19 th century and early 20 th was dominated by the idea of a community that share a common history, language, culture, and sometime religion Italy and Germany were very divided areas, but they came together to become nations Nationalism was an attempt to bring unification and self-determination Austria-Hungry was made up of and was encroaching on many smaller ethnic groups that thought of themselves in terms of those groups because they were formerly part of the Ottoman Empire Until WWI Europeans hadn’t used their weapons on each other, as they had been used to colonize other continents In the early 20 th century there was an arms race between the UK and Germany Great Depression of the late 19 th century led to Germany desiring to find new consumers, but they hadn’t and started until 1871 they began colonizing and only was part of the scramble for Africa, the “German problem” was seen as a problem for the French, English, and Russians because they might become a world imperial power Alliance system with the UK and France was thought to deter war against European neighbors as it would become a three on one fight Central Powers declared on war Serbia and Russia was Serbia’s backer, so they
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WWI - Marx believed that when capitalism was overthrown by...

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