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2 nd essay: 1st commandment/obedience to God Judaism: The obedience to God within the three religions seems like they follow the same route, but in reality the difference in how they influence thought in ethical decisions is grand. In Judaism, it is God promotes not only faith and reverence, but audacity (also known as chutzpah). This is shown in the story of Abraham, where he listens to God and offers his only son as a sacrifice – Abraham shows his faith in God, and God then decided to include the Jewish people in a covenant. This covenant opens the way for audacity. Audacity and faith are both enacted in the
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Unformatted text preview: story of Job. Christianity: Christians not only believe in the old and new testament, but they also believe in praying to Jesus. Islam: Submission to God. This religion described in the terms of Abe’s typology, that there is no real difference between ethics and religion in Islam. The person must Submit themselves to God (following the first Pillar) – if they are able to do so whole-heartedly then they will go to paradise – if not they will go to hell. They do not pray to Muhammad, for he is not God, but just a prophet....
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