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Midterm Review - Muhammad Mossadegh's agenda and strategy...

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Exam Review Sheet HST211 Exam Review Cold War And Decolonization - Vietnam, Iran, Iraq - J& L, Kinzer, Marr, Class Documents, & Kinzer's All The Shah's Men Truman's agenda and strategy Eisenhower's agenda and strategy The Dulles Brothers' agenda and strategy The British (and their oil executives/Abadan) Muhammad Reza Shah's agenda and strategy
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Unformatted text preview: Muhammad Mossadegh's agenda and strategy Iranian Religious Leaders' agenda and strategy Majlis Tudeh party's agenda and strategy Soviet Union's agenda and strategy Yunus' Banker to the Poor Three Share Farm Experiment Stoolmakers of Jobra Local money lenders and their economic niche The Bankers Yunus’s female employees Local mullah’s – their argument and influence Grameen in the villages – becoming and staying a member World Bank approach to poverty and Yunus’s critique Donor agencies’ view on population control and Yunus’s critique Donor agencies’ view on skills training and Yunus’s critique Marr's Modern History of Iraq 1946-1991 main domestic factions and issues – main patterns and trends 1946-1991 main international factors and issues – main patterns and trends...
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