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Marr Presentation - Saddam Hussein • Saddam Hussein was...

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Unformatted text preview: Saddam Hussein • Saddam Hussein was driven by the need to defend Iraq’s domestic stability and his own political survival, as well calculated opportunism to gain from a Kuwaiti defeat • Invasion of Kuwait was decided by and entrusted to Saddam Hussein, Hussein Kamil (secret security force Amn al-Khass), Ali Hassan al-Majid (Defense Minister), General Ayyad Fatih al-Rawi (Republican Guard), Sabir al-Duri (Military Intelligence), and Sabawi Ibrahim (intelligence service Mukhabarat) • Minister of Defense, Chief of Staff, head of the Air Force, and most other civilian leaders weren’t consulted about the invasion of Kuwait • Political field, domestically and internationally, was dominated by Hussein’s whims, which led to bad planning and the isolation of Iraq from the rest of the world • Sabawi Ibrahim commanded the thirty Mukhabarat troops that initially were placed in Kuwait; after the war began he, Ali Hassan al-Majid, and Hussein Kamil subdued opposition and systematically looted the economy and infrastructure of Kuwait using those troops and the popular militia • State propagated that Iraq had not lost, but had fought the huge coalition, which had the most advanced military technology in the world, and triumphed; American and European power had been shown as weak Army • When the state considered withdrawal on February 21 st , it was a very large issue within the army, who had withstood bombardment and would resent doing so • Republican Guard troops and the army fled Kuwait in late April, escaping from...
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  • Spring '08
  • Fraunholtz
  • Saddam Hussein, Iraq Communist Party, Kurdish political parties, Hussein Kamil, pro-state Kurdish militias

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Marr Presentation - Saddam Hussein • Saddam Hussein was...

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