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Shah had given women more rights than Khomeini supported, but wasn’t as popular Khomeini commanded that all women had to wear headscarves, which led to women protesting and then fighting between Khomeini supporters and those women Clashes between Khomeini’s people and leftists or supporters of other Ayatollahs Widespread arrests and killing of army members and supposed Shah followers Embassy fired tear gas but not bullets and they eventually surrendered “People who took the embassy didn’t know anything about what an embassy was…they were very ignorant…they knew nothing about foreign relations” Didn’t occur to anyone in the US that the Iranian government wouldn’t step into the hostage situation and stop it Student hostage takers wanted the Shah to be returned to Iran for a trial “Death to America” was a widespread shout by demonstrators After awhile Carter started to call the hostage takers terrorists Carter was originally thought in Iran to be a pressure on the Shah for human
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