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Head of government deals with day-to-day operations and political affairs, while the head of state as a ceremonial figurehead is the face of the nation In order to have a ruling party in the English Parliament, that party needs to have at least 51% of the vote and, therefore, of the seats In a parliamentary system the cabinet is crucial, as the prime minister is unable to do anything without or act independently of his or her cabinet Case study Consolidated democracies versus fledgling democracies/authoritarian states Freedom House ratings on the democratic to authoritarian freedom index First country (consolidated democracy) about the 10 or 11 conditions that dictate whether or not it will stay free Second country (fledgling democracy or authoritarian state) about the 10 or 11 conditions that dictate whether a country will become free or not What is Huntington’s whole purpose of writing this? How does Huntington characterize the three waves of democracy and when did they occur? What are the
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