Asia - Truman Doctrine evolves from the situation in the...

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Truman Doctrine evolves from the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean, especially Greece in which there is a Western government and a communist insurgency What is the nature of the threat that Truman sees? How does WWII repeatedly factor into the argument he’s making before Congress? What appear to be the main political and economic motives at play in Truman’s speech? Truman believed the Greek communist insurgents aimed to create a totalitarian government and there would be a domino effect that would effect the Middle East Small minority would take power through military power and because of the low standard of living and they would then impose their will “All the Shah’s Men” debate and group 10 minute presentation on Tudeh party for 1/25 considering their goals or agenda, 1945-1953, the main constraints or obstacles they faced, and the major actions/decisions they took and the results Aid given to Greece and Turkey would be 1/10 of the money spent on them in WWII Political motive of Truman was that the US was a defender of democracy and leader on the world stage, need to spend capital in order to build relations and alliances, create legitimacy of the UN, message to the USSR that there could be military actions US economically was concerned with the Soviets regarding the Middle East’s oil, once countries were strong allies they would be market for the US and there would be more easily a gravitation towards capitalism and democracy, aid the industrial rebuilding of Western Europe Offer to Greece of arms in order to fight the communists, as the US has a surplus End of a long war historically leads to an economic downturn
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Asia - Truman Doctrine evolves from the situation in the...

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