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Critical Thinking - President Bush's last State of the...

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President Bush’s last State of the Union Address (Monday 38 th , January) In order to study and more accurately understand the real-world political developments occurring around them, political scientists must do two things: Ask the right questions Use an effective approach in their attempt to answer these questions Suharto, former President dictator of Indonesia, died on the 27 th at age 86 Putin wants to elect his own successor, Dmitry Medvedev (current First Deputy Prime Minister), as President, rather than the other four candidates: Gennady Zyuganov, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, or Vladimir Bogdanov Not many “laws” in the social sciences, unlike natural sciences Democratic peace theory is the concept that democratic countries are more open and respect human rights, therefore they are more peaceful, leading to better relations Simple thesis’ are easier to research, test, and prove Hypothesis testing is a method of studying political developments by making a general declarative statement about a given political development General statement (hypothesis) must be derived from the “right” question that has been asked about this development and then restated as a “if…then…” statement Example thesis topic: democracy and war Political development: democracies tend not to go to war with one another
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Critical Thinking - President Bush's last State of the...

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