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Unformatted text preview: • Comparative politics is a subfield of political science, which is the study of the interaction of people and their governments • Political realities all over the world at the national, regional, and local levels • Study of the manner in which governments operate and the ways citizens behave in political life • “IT MATTERS WHO GOVERNS!!!” • Importance of the ideologies of political parties, singular figures, popular movements • World is tuning into the US election because the new administration will affect the policies, economies, etc of countries all over the world, such as Iraq or Afghanistan • World is becoming more integrated and though you may think it doesn’t affect you, the type of government half-way around the world does, can, and will affect your life • Georgian election affects the US because having a pro-Western president enables oil to be transported from the Caspian Sea without having to go through Russia or Iran, which keeps it from being used as political leverage...
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