Midterm Review

Midterm Review - Unicameral vs Bicameral Legislatures...

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Terms and Concepts: Comparative Politics Globalization, Democratization NGO Mixed Regime Theocracy Sources of Political Conflict Politics Ethnicity Liberalism and Democracy Democracy Authoritarianism Rational Choice Theory Facts and Empirical Analysis Is- vs. Ought-Questions in the Social Sciences HYPOTHESIS WRITING VARIABLE IDENTIFICATION Independent and Dependent Variable Quantitative vs. Qualitative Studies Autocracy Political Corruption Coercion Pluralism Democratic Elitism Weber’s THREE Types of Legitimate Authority Legitimacy vs. Legal Authority (NOTE: PAY SPECIFIC ATTENTION TO SODARO’S DEFINITION OF THESE TERMS; YOU DO NOT HAVE TO KNOW THE DEFINITION OF LEGITIMATE AUTHORITY, BUT YOU DO HAVE TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN WEBER’S THREE TYPES!!!) Failed State Distinguishing Features of the State Autonomy of the State from its Population John Locke and the Purpose of the State Hobbes and the Purpose of the State Rousseau and the Purpose State Anarchy Head of State vs. Head of Government
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Unformatted text preview: Unicameral vs. Bicameral Legislatures Technocrat Coup d’état Five Institutions of the State Autocracy Totalitarianism Theocracy Unitary State Federal State Confederal State Divided Government Nation National Identity Benedict Anderson and “Nations” Nationalism Self-Determination Territorial Autonomy Independence Nation-Building Nation Without a State Civic Community Multinational State Nation-State Popular Sovereignty Rule of Law Representative Democracy Direct Democracy Current Events: Pakistani Electoral Politics Chadian Civil Strife Kenyan Civil Strife Zimbabwean Civil Strife Kosovar Self-Determination Presidential Politics in Cyprus Presidential Education Proposals in France French-EU relations Presidential Politics in Russia Political Assassinations in Lebanon Muslim Protests in Scandinavian Countries American Presidential Primaries Australian-Aborigine Relations Political Assassination Attempts in the Philippines...
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Midterm Review - Unicameral vs Bicameral Legislatures...

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