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Totalitarian states control every aspect of society, it is a rare form of authoritarianism Totalitarian leaders and governments were Stalin/USSR, Mao/PRC, and Hitler Totalitarianism only works in large countries because it is based on absolute fear and requires large amounts of resources Theocracy is when a state is ruled by religious authorities (Ayatollah in Iran and Pope in Vatican City), not just based on religion (based on Sharia but ruled by monarchy in Saudi Arabia) Secular government officials run Israel, not a religious authority (head rabbi?) Wars are fought over power, resources, values, identity, and ideas Recognizing Taiwan as a sovereign nation means there can be no relations with China Taiwan is a fairly wealth nation for such a small island, so the four tiny African nations that recognize it do so for economic relations
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Unformatted text preview: Germany and the US will recognize Kosovo as soon it becomes sovereign, it is currently a UN mandate and Serbia lays claim to it As on Monday, January 28 th there have been 800 people killed by protesters in Kenya Is (objective, fact) versus ought (subjective, opinion) statements and questions Empirical analysis is used to answer is questions Political science deals with subjectivism, while philosophy deals with subjectivism Question/thesis example: Are democratic countries wealthier than non-democratic countries? Democratic countries are wealthier than non-democratic countries Hypothesis: If a country is wealthy, then it is likely to be democratic. Independent variable of wealth and dependent variable of democracy...
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