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essay 3 - 1 st essay This is an essay on narrative ethics I...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 st : essay: This is an essay on narrative ethics. I expect you to recount the major details of the story briefly, explain the major ethical choices that the couple was presented with, and how they dealt with these choices. Dr. Dufault-Hunter told the story of her friend Peter and Cheryl, who became pregnant with their son who had a chromosome defect on the 18 th chromosome, where the chance of living to term is remote. As devout Mennonites, aborting the baby was out of the question because Mennonites believe in resurrection. Therefore, their son, Nathaniel Dovano (gift of God, which they sarcastically named as to show god that they’re mad at him which is similar to audacity) deserved to be part of the resurrection story too. His parents and church community prayed for him to die and abort naturally. They knew keeping him alive would make him suffer but they could not be the ones to make that decision (to abort him), it was up to God. After week 30, they prayed for him to live. The church to make that decision (to abort him), it was up to God....
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