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essay 4 - He became a buddah(enlightened one pg 140 after...

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Christianity Pg. 212 Under the leadership of MLK Jr. is that his movement was organized using the principles of non- violence and civil disobedience. They (blacks) boycotted riding on the bus. Buddhism Pg. 139 Siddhartha met an old man, a sick man, a dead man, and a monk. He felt compassion for all living things and felt bad for the insects that died in the field that was plowed. The monk too was afraid of death. He told him to have a simple life, owning nothing, desiring nothing, expecting nothing.
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Unformatted text preview: He became a buddah (enlightened one pg 140) after sitting under a fig tree for 7 days. That’s where he thought of the 4 noble truths and 8 fold path. 4 noble truths pg 142 Life is suffering Desire is the cause of suffering The extinction of desire (nirvana) ends suffering The eightfold path is the way that leads to the extinguishing of desire 8 fold Right understanding Right thought Right speech Right action Right livelihood Right effort Right mindfulness Right concentration...
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