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Matt Gutman Anthony Walton states in his journal “My Secret Life as Black Man” that he never has or never will have the advantages or chances that the white have gotten. Meaning that black people have been declined, the rights live to there full potential. They have not been able to play on the same level as the white people having to work twice as hard to get half as far. He tells a story of when he was walking with a white girl that he went to college with that a black woman complemented the girl for her beauty but then saw him and declared that he was one of the black men that married white women. After that, she asked him if he thought he was too good for a black woman. The black woman followed him and his woman friend for a decent distance of there walk constantly harassing them calling him a traitor to his race among other things. These kind of incident are nothing new to Anthony Walton he had to deal with similar incidents all his
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Unformatted text preview: life. Being that he loved to read and was a bit of a “nerd”, doing little league, as well boy scouts as well as most of his friends were of other races. This made him a target for constant harassment. It eventually had gotten so bad that he has to switch from public school to a catholic school, which he was teased just as bad there. Through out all of Anthony’s life all he ran into was confrontation. From both black people and white people for being whom he is, an intelligent black man who got a degree in the arts, which drove his parents, crazy. He has to deal with racism from both sides why are you with white people are you to good for black people, and the white people going why are you hanging out with us. He has been in a lose- lose situation....
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