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ges110 notes - Thinner air faster winds Corialis effet is...

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ITALY It’s a boot Negative pop rate, ouch Global warming and the greenhouse effect 14% of radiation is carried over each night , short wave radiation, heart we have all these ice ages, why not a warm age. Why does warming have to be bad greenhouse gasses co2 METHANE CFC ATMOSPHEREIC PRESSURE AND WIND Warm eath surface produces thrumal low Cool surface thermal high Measuring pressure Barometer inches of mercury milibar
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Unformatted text preview: Thinner air, faster winds Corialis effet is juxtaposed against pressure gradiant force Cyclones and anticyclones Cy low pressure cell Antie high pressure cell Defermined by hemispherer and altitude Hadley cell anticyclone- moving up Trade winds Rossby waves Poleward transfer of warm air Boo rain shadow El nino- ‘the boy’ Warm water in the pacific east coast Extream drought...
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