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Matt Gutman English 106 James Thigpen 1/13/08 Position paper Fraternities good or evil? “Colleges and Universities must ensure that fraternity members live up to the standards expected of all students and the standards that fraternity themselves espouse, and reaffirm the institution’s overreaching educational mission.” (Wechsler)Even though fraternities have been given a bad reputation over the years, they are still an important part of college and the so-called college experience. They help the college and the surrounding community with the community service they perform. They help bring the students who participate in the fraternity’s, grades up. As well as the social networking that the alumni of the fraternity has to offer. If fraternities’ were banned from colleges, then the college and the surrounding community would severely suffer. Fraternities are required to perform community service projects, philanthropic projects, and positive social events to raise awareness about specific issues. Numerous amounts of projects have taken place on this campus to help many different projects both big and small. For example as the Fraternity Theta Xi in Pembroke, raised several hundred dollars for the homeless in Fayetteville by camping out in front of the University Center and asking people for spare change, clothes, and non-perishable items. Fraternities at every college campus do similar service projects to better the community around them and do what they can to give back to the
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community. Nationally, millions of dollars have been raised and donated by fraternities to numerous organizations that help people all over the world. Some of the organizations that have
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