Mexico paper 1 - The saying goes that history is written by...

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The saying goes that history is written by the winner; well sometimes, such as the case of the Spanish conquest of Mexico, history is written by the winner and the loser. By comparing the two narratives; The Broken Spears and The Discover and Conquest of Mexico it’s possible to examine specific events and see the biases that either side has concerning the whole ordeal. The same events occur in both narratives, the differences between come from the bias that the writers of the narratives used in regard to those events. These two accounts of the Spanish conquest of Mexico are unique in regards to the circumstances they were written. Both of the books were written after the fact, the authors wrote these years after the events had occurred, and in the case of the Aztec’s most of them had died. The time lapse in between the time of these events and when they were written boosts the odds of the authors taking artistic license to fill in the gaps in their memories. The artistic license these authors take turns out to be the most interesting aspect of the books though. The Spanish arrived on the Mexican coast with the intentions to enslave, kill, and exploit the indigenous population of Mexico. The author Bernal Diaz del Castillo biases his account by making the Spanish out to be heroes trying to bring civilization to a savage people. Castillo frequently mentions things to make the Aztecs seem like a bunch of sociopathic, bloodthirsty, murderers while he portray his fellow Spanish as people sent on a mission from God to bring Christianity and civilization to the ignorant Mexicans. In particular Diaz scrutinizes the Aztec ritual of human sacrifice. Human sacrifice may have been a part of Aztec society, but Diaz seems to exaggerate it by giving readers the impression that human sacrifice was the Aztec equivalent of a really harsh
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magic eight ball, and that whenever Montezuma was unsure of what to do he’d simply kill a bunch of people and hoped the gods would enlighten him. An example of this occurred after the Spanish decided to enter Tenochtitlan from Cholula, “When Montezuma heard this message and learned through the people of Cholula that we did not lay all the blame on him, we heard it said that he returned again with his priests to fast
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Mexico paper 1 - The saying goes that history is written by...

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