Africa Midterm

Africa Midterm - Kevin Heater History of West Africa...

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Kevin Heater History of West Africa Midterm Short Answers: 1) The Taureg were a group of Berber nomads that operated in the trans-Saharan trade in the central and southern parts of the desert, nomads like them were important in the expansion of the trans-Saharan trade which contributed to the growth, and wealth, of empires like Mali. The Taureg were recognizable from other Berber nomads from the veil they would wear covering the lower parts of their faces. Like other nomads the Taureg were not were not primarily traders, but herders of animals like sheep, goats, camels, or cattle. There herding forced them to migrate to the Sahel region of the Sahara in the driest months where they would often come into conflict with settled agricultural communities of those areas. 1 2) Samuel Crowther was a very important African missionary of the 19 th century and a very important figure in the literary development of West Africa. He was rescued from a Portuguese slave ship in 1821 and brought to Sierra Leone where he became one of Fourah Bay College’s first students. Even more impressively Crowther went on to become the first black bishop in West Africa and as a result of translating the bible into the language of the Yoruba he actually created their first written language. 23
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Africa Midterm - Kevin Heater History of West Africa...

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