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Mexico Paper 3 - Mexico has one overlapping theme...

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Mexico has one overlapping theme throughout the 19 th century, war. Beginning with the war for independence from Spain in the early 1800’s Mexico stayed in an almost constant state of war for a century. War became a part of everyday life and had huge repercussions in Mexican society. Almost every aspect of Mexican society suffered during the 19 th century from industry, commerce, gender ratio, to the practice of religion and the role of the church. The political views of different Mexican elites were the causes of the strife of the 19 th century, but the Mexican people were the ones who suffered the most. “Mexico gained its independence [from Spain] on September 27, 1821” (Wasserman 45). The new nation then established its own government based on “The Three Guarantees”. The rules of this new government established Roman Catholicism was strictly the official religion of the country and no other faiths would be tolerated, crillos and peninsulares were equal under the law, and that Mexico would become a constitutional monarchy (45). This new government lasted for under a year ending in March 1823, following Santa Anna’s revolt against the self crowned Emperor Augustin I. After the end of Mexico’s first independent regime Mexican’s were divided on how to run the government. The liberals wanted to limit the influence of the Church, freedoms of speech and press, and to privatize land ownership (100). Conservatives, on the other hand, wanted a strong central government, limited suffrage, and the influence of the army in politics (58). These differences in political opinions were what caused rebellions, civil wars, and even encouraged a foreign invasion. Beginning with the war for independence in 1810 Mexico was in one conflict after another. There was a problem deciding how exactly they wanted to be governed, 1
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because shortly after gaining independence, there was a revolt to bring down their first government. Mingled throughout Mexico’s history are rebellions, revolts, and violent political policy. Most of the conflicts in the 19 th century were small and not especially
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