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Kevin Heater Final Paper Assignment Development of Europe I Fall 2006 THE RETURN OF MARTIN GUERRE SIXTEENTH CENTURY MARRIAGES IMPORTANCE AS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT. The Return of Martin Guerre is a book, which at first seems like a novel, but is actually an amazingly full account of a man named Martin Guerre. The author of this book, Davis, uses Guerre’s tale to create a written description of an era which has very few recorded histories. Davis has a writing style you don’t run into very often; she intertwines the story of Martin Guerre with a description of the people, places, and events that surrounded Martin Guerre. Davis begins the book by describing an area of France and giving the reader an idea of what the people living there were like. Utilizing this writing style Davis is able to not only tell the story of Guerre, but also to educate the readers on the history of the setting of the book. The Author uses this writing style because there are very few people who read textbooks recreationally, I can’t think of any, and with her writing style learning history becomes enjoyable the book reads somewhat like a textbook crossed with a novel, the fact that Davis spun the historic aspect together with the story makes the book much more entertaining. Davis is able to accurately tell the story of Marin Guerre by using sources from the time period of the story period. Davis uses records, first hand accounts, even court records. Using this myriad of sources allows for Davis to put the story together as historically accurate as possible using factual evidence. Of course there are times and
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situations where it is impossible to find evidence of why something happened and at that point Davis forms a theory based upon prior evidence or standard had by the people of that time period. The greatest part about Davis’ writing, which her critics like to point out, is that she is willing to admit that her book may be completely wrong. The book itself was a story and it was entertaining, but it was more than just a
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Big Paper - Kevin Heater Final Paper Assignment Development...

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