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Kevin Heater 3/6 Political Economy Peter Gourevitch’s article on the theory of political economy discusses the impact that politics has on economics. Gourevitch illustrates the different patterns of thought that an economist would have concerning an issue as opposed to a political scientist’s opinion on the same subject. Economies do not exist in vacuums, with globalization’s scope widening everyday more and more countries are becoming active in the world market, and the impact of the different political structures is evident in their performance. A good example of Gourevitch’s introduces to support the concept of political economy is the performance of the NIE’s (newly industrialized countries) of South East Asia. The economic growth of these countries has long been analyzed, at this point, and
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Unformatted text preview: it has been correlated to a number of different factors, such as the countries openness to foreign markets and standards of education. The economic advancement of these countries has a lot to thank the changing political environment for. In countries like China the economic growth can be contributed to the political atmosphere changing from a authoritarian government, that stayed closed to outside foreign markets, to a more open capitalist democracy. In this case the link between politics and economics is undeniable. Different schools of thought exist in political economics depending on the political economist’s interest in politics or economics, regardless the link between the two is widely accepted. ....
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