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comparative pol journal 2

comparative pol journal 2 - forms this is obvious in our...

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Kevin Heater 2/28 Models of Capitalism Capitalism exists in different modes depending on the country in which it exists. The topic heavily discussed by “new institutionalists” is just that, the different forms of capitalism. There are differentiations from Scandinavian capitalism, to Asian capitalism, to American liberal capitalism. In his essay “Models of Capitalism in the New World Order” Coates identifies three distinct categories of capitalism market led capitalism, negotiated or labor lead, and state led. Within his essay Coates states that “Anglo-Saxon ways of running capitalism as inherently outmoded and inappropriate to a modern world in which production has been transformed by more collaborative forms of labor…” This part of the essay makes me recall Gourevitch’s article on political economy. The Anglo-Saxon form of democracy is ill prepared in competing with foreign
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Unformatted text preview: forms; this is obvious in our country’s current economic position. In 1945 the United State’s economy accounted for 50% of the worlds GDP while today it accounts for only 20% while it is still the largest state economy in the world that is still a significant decline in sixty years. Our state’s political economy is very liberal and it’s relation to labor is therefore also liberal. Currently the United States market lead economy enjoys relatively little government regulation. Private companies are free to seek profit however they choose, which recently has involved out sourcing which is a product of our countries political economy. With the recent decline in the United States general economy, perhaps we might see a change from market led capitalism to state led, or perhaps some new form all together....
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