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Kevin Heater 3/10 Social Capital Marx argues that while religion has a part in politics no state will be completely politically emancipated, and in that regard no person will be either. In his “On the Jewish Question” Marx argues that for political emancipation to occur there must be complete separation of church and state, at which point there is no connection between a man’s politics and his religion. Marx is not saying that religion needs to be abolished, just that there needs to be a definite distinction between religious and political life to realize a completely emancipated for of government. Robert Putnam has a very different opinion that concerns something called “social capital”. What Marx fails to recognize in his “On the Jewish Question” is the cohesiveness that communal associations, such as belonging to a church, have on political
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Unformatted text preview: participation. Being in a group such as a church, or the example that Putnam uses participating in a bowling league, influences the amount of social capital there is in a society. Social capital has a great effect on all facets of society as Putnam puts it, “the quality of government was determined by longstanding traditions of civic engagement (or its absence)” As the amount of civic engagement in American society lessens, and so to does the amount of political participation drop there is a general decline in quality of governance. Marx belief that government would improve if there was less religious affiliation turned out to be false because of the many implications of religious affiliation. One’s religion is, in many ways, something that would make someone feel more strongly about political issues and therefore more likely to participate....
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