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Quiz 3 - the convelror pullery of laclirts r tcl prt:vent...

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Quiz 3 Srnall oltiects are rclertrsercl frorn rest at A arrcl slicle rlorvn thc srnooth circ:tilar surface of raclius B tcl a corrveyclr at B. Using conservation of energy, detr:r'rrrine the angular velocit\r c
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Unformatted text preview: the convelror pullery of laclirts r tcl prt:vent any slirling orr the ltelt as the objec;ts trtlrrsfer to tltc (rolrvoyor. I , 'z- t r/-,)' = ;rrtf = ,r/\(rt^r L/ '_) 1 vh,K...
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