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Lab Request Form for CHEM110A – Fall 2008 Please note that you will be provisionally enrolled in the lab section you request when you register. After enrollment it may be necessary to reassign students to another lab. In such a case your lab day priority will be taken into account, but it will not be the only factor determining which lab you are assigned to. We will do our best to assign everyone to their first choice.
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Unformatted text preview: Name ID# Which lab? (circle one) CHEM001ALPO CHEM110ALPO Please indicate your choices for lab meeting days next to each weekday, with ‘1’ being highest priority; if you are unable to take the lab on a specific day, put an ‘X’ next to the day and explain below. Please mark at least your first two preferences for days. M ___ T___ W___ R___ F___ NOTE: Not all situations can be accommodated....
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