Speech 1 - Stephanie Smith Cem Zeytinoglu Speech...

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Stephanie Smith Cem Zeytinoglu Speech Communication 20 January 2008 Issues in Communication 1 From what we have learned Communication means the process of using messages to generate meaning. The Process is an activity, exchange, or set of behaviors that occurs over a time period. The Process that communication goes through is very long. This process involves a source and a receiver then it has to have a message along with it. The message then travels on a channel to the receiver. Feedback is then given from the receiver to the source in a verbal or even non verbal way. The messages get coded either in verbal codes or non verbal codes. The receiver decodes the message to understand it further. Sometimes during this process there is noise. This noise could possibly be anything from the phone cutting out or even a car driving by and honking the horn to distract you from the message that is trying to be sent to you. Kyle has to start thinking about him and all of his communication woes. Kyle needs to
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Speech 1 - Stephanie Smith Cem Zeytinoglu Speech...

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