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causal arugment - Matt Gutman James Thigpen English 106-27...

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Matt Gutman James Thigpen English 106-27 2/28/08 Causal Argument The Cool Kids Everyone knows that college student are used as the perfect example for alcohol abuse, but not everyone knows why. It is found through research that college students tend to drink more in the beginning of the semester but tends to decline as the semester goes on and the demand from there classes become greater. Being a college student, I have lived as well as seen why college students have been abusing alcohol. Alcohol abuse in college students results from peer pressure, advertising at athletic events, as well as stress. Peer pressure is considered as the major reason that most college students abuse alcohol. They align them selves with friends who are open to drinking and therefore are much more likely to drink or feel pressured in to drinking. (Lindsey) Everyone in college wants friends because without your friends you are all alone. Sometimes that even means if they are not the best choice of friends for them to have. The stress of having friends is great on campus, people feel like the more friends they have the less alone they are whether they are true friends or causal acquaintances. Everyone dreams of being the “cool” kids on campus. Through movies and other various types of media,
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the “cool” kids on campus were always the ones that drank large amounts of alcohol. The constant variable throughout all these different characters in the different movies is that they all drank. None of the so-called “cool” kids in any type of media, aimed at college students, had the cool kid been anyone but the heavy drinker. Students will go to all lengths to try to fit in, and drinking is the easiest way to fit in especially when it is so easy to get and in large quantities. When one is around a habit, enough it becomes
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causal arugment - Matt Gutman James Thigpen English 106-27...

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