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Informative Speech - -Makes amazing friends that are going...

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Stephanie Smith Professor Zeytinoglu Speech Communication April 2, 2008 Informative Speech Hospice How many people here have lost someone close to them because of a terminal illness? -Definition of Hospice A. a health-care facility for the terminally ill that emphasizes pain control and emotional support for the patient and family, typically refraining from taking extraordinary measures to prolong life. -Why I am knowledgeable History of Hospice (CLICK THE PRESENTATION) Statistics of Hospice (CLICK THE PRESENTATION) What Hospice does for families? -Counsel the families to get through the grieving Camp Dragonfly -Helping children through the coping stages -Uses arts and crafts to help the children -Has a personal buddy all the time if they ever need to talk
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Unformatted text preview: -Makes amazing friends that are going through the same problems Picture Show Works Cited Camp Dragonfly. Pinnacle Health Proven. 2 April 2008. Camp Activities. Camp Dragonfly. 2 April 2008. Hospice. 2 April 2008. . Hospice Care Statistics. Montefiore Medical Center. 2 April 2008. History of Hospice. Hospice of the Plains, INC. 2 April 2008.
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Informative Speech - -Makes amazing friends that are going...

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