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Stephanie Smith Professor Zeytinoglu Speech Communication March 24, 2008 Political Think Paper As time is slowly dwindling down for the 2008 presidential election we are down to three candidates. On the republican side we have John McCain he is the only one left for the republican side. On the other hand with the democrats we still have two strong candidates trying to take the democratic ticket, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. My choice is Hillary Clinton. Hillary Rodham Clinton grew up in Park Ridge Illinois with her mother Dorothy and father Hugh. She has two older brothers. The three of them grew up in a nice suburban 50’s household. Her family was very big in there church. Hillary grew up listening to her mother’s horrible child stories and always thought from then on that not child should ever be mistreated. When she started her political life as a teenager she started as a republican exactly like her father. Her father was a very big penny pincher he would turn the heat off in the house at night to save money then turn it on early in the morning so the house would be warm when everyone woke up. When Hillary was fourteen she went with her youth group to see Martin Luther King Jr. give a speech. After that she went on to Wellesley College and was voted the first student to speak at commencement. She moved on then to Yale Law School. She focused most of her studies toward family and children affairs. After she graduated from there she became the staff attorney for the Children’s Defense Fund. She then also was one of two women that served on the House of Judiciary Committee considering the impeachment of Richard Nixon. When all that
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was over Hillary decided to settle down with her now husband the former president Bill Clinton. They married in 1975 and her daughter Chelsea was born in 1980.
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Political Think Paper - Stephanie Smith Professor...

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