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CaNt DeSkRib3 xO (10:58:34 PM): Skinny Perfection In today’s society, we are surrounded by an overwhelming deal of advertisements, which serve many different purposes. Whether they are urging us to buy things, go places,  believe ideals, or support worthy causes, they are an undeniable commonplace in our society. However, the most popular use of advertisements is to sell products.  CaNt DeSkRib3 xO (11:02:52 PM): . In order to do this, companies portray images and scenarios which appeal to most people. They also portray things to people as necessary amenities in reaching a better stature in life. Often the images portrayed by these advertisements have a negative effect on society. They put pressure on people to feel as though they must be equivalent to the images portrayed in order to be accepted. CaNt DeSkRib3 xO (11:03:00 PM): The advertisement I choose was an Old Navy jean ad. Old Navy ads are extremely popular and pop up everywhere from online, television, newspapers, and magazines. Every little detail matters in an advertisement. In this ad, there are four bodies; two boys and two girls. Only their legs and a minute bit of their stomachs are seen. None of the faces
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CaNt DeSkRib3 xO - CaNt DeSkRib3 xO (10:58:34 PM): Skinny...

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