1st eng 110 paper - Ortiz 1 Daniel Ortiz Professor...

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Ortiz 1 Daniel Ortiz Professor Bannowsky English 110 September 15 2007 It’s the College Life for Me It’s a Friday night in September. Another week has ended and after a pretty exhausting week at the University of Delaware, hundreds of college students begin their Friday night party plans. The only thought on the student’s minds is where the party is and if they have enough beer. However, the most important parts of their week are not about to begin but have already ended. Often students overlook class and work for its true value. Obviously when a student comes to a University such as Delaware, they do so for the experience and to find a lucrative job when it is all said and done. It seems that students do not truly understand what it takes to receive this opportunity for such a job. Although college students are assumed to be more mature and astute than high school students, it appears many students are still stuck in the past with more freedom than ever. This can be seen by simply looking at the amount of students that drop out of colleges. There are many reasons why students drop out, so I do not wish to assume that
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This note was uploaded on 04/09/2008 for the course ENGLISH 110 taught by Professor Amanbayeva during the Spring '08 term at University of Delaware.

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1st eng 110 paper - Ortiz 1 Daniel Ortiz Professor...

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