3rd eng 110 paper - Ortiz Daniel Ortiz Professor Bannowsky...

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Ortiz 1 Daniel Ortiz Professor Bannowsky English 110-014 October 19 2007 Welcome to Malboro Country Marlboro cigarettes have been around for over a century and can usually be noted through the commercials of cowboys riding into the sun bright valley rounding up cattle. Surrounding them are baby blue skies with gleaming clouds spaced so perfectly throughout the sky it seems too good to be true. Well in fact it is. Cigarette companies will do almost anything they can to sell their product. Of course they are going to portray a seemingly perfect scenario, in which the smoker is enjoying life. The reality is, rarely does anyone dish out an antithesis advertisement. The poster Welcome to Malboro Country is exactly that. The poster entitled Welcome to Malboro Country is a scene of smokers, but this time they are not enjoying themselves at all. The first thing that one would notice is the title. Painted in a deep red will catch just about anyone’s attention. Welcome to Mal boro country is a play on words from the traditional advertisements. The word mal translate to “bad” in the Spanish language and is a prefix in the English language meaning unpleasant or bad. The people seem to be workers huddled together on a cold day in desperation to smoke. The door signifies the unwelcoming and firm nature of the building behind them. The “NO SMOKING” sign on the door again creates a sense that these workers are distant and alienated due to their addiction. Through their smoke combined they create a dark gritty gray cloud under what appears to be a
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3rd eng 110 paper - Ortiz Daniel Ortiz Professor Bannowsky...

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