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Ortiz 1 Daniel Ortiz Professor Bannowsky English 110-014 November 26 2007 Frame: For my paper and PSA I wish to write about the faults of our judicial system and speak on key cases and examples for the PSA. For the PSA I will speak on Frank Lucas, and discuss how the word capital in capital punishment is emphasized in more than one way. I will frame the issue by coming as a right wing republican chastising the money aspect of the judicial system and linnet sentencing. There is too much leeway and though equal justice is preached it’s
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Unformatted text preview: not practiced. This can be seen through first degree murder sentencing being issued as manslaughter and receiving only 7 years as opposed to much more. A spin will be put on the notion that democrats are making giving criminals one to many get out of jail free cards. The judicial system and court system that supply the final verdict must be stricter and must not waver for the country to run the way it originally was intended....
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