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Ortiz 1 Daniel Ortiz Professor Bannowsky English 110-014 November 26 2007 Power plays such an important role in society and in an individual’s life. Power is the driving force behind this country and it leads to situations, in which the person in power holds all the cards. We see it every day. We watch as celebrity after celebrity gets out of insane charges while the average Joe is left doing 5-10 for the same charge. We don’t like it, but we know it’s the reality and its part of our society. It’s obvious that something has to change. The law must become true to its definition and form harsher rulings with pure objective evidence. The most powerful crime boss of the 70s, Frank Lucas, graciously served an insignificant 15 years in prison. That is after being convicted of racketeering, drug trafficking, murder, and a whole mess of other crimes. The media is their biggest ally by boosting up popularity in the case and twisting it into their favor. So does the system truly bring equal justice to all? In the future if you hope to commit any sort of crime make sure you’re rich and have the Medias backing. You’ll be just fine. America’s justice system, although claimed to provide equal justice for all, does not at all practice what it preaches, with the Media help of course. The media is a key tool in society. It exists to inform, entertain and provide feedback on various situations and happenings in the world. One can argue all of the great
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psa paper - Ortiz Daniel Ortiz Professor Bannowsky English...

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