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Ortiz 1 Daniel Ortiz Professor Bannowsky English 110-014 November 21 2007 Article three of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights exclaims, “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.” What if this simple deserved right as humans was taken away from us. Would that make sense or seem just? Would you want to live in that country? In the country we live in, America, we base our life on this very right. The law is made to uphold this right and make it so those deserving are able to live life to its fullest extent. Those who disobey or ignore the laws completely are subjected to punishment. However, this punishment must still preserve the rights of every human no matter the crime. Capital punishment should not exist in America due to the volition of this act. Evidence also shows that it is not a necessity to preserve the security of the country, yet capital punishment is still an active practice in America. The Death Penalty as it stands as a law in society can be traced back to the 18 th century. T Babylon’s town’s court hosted the death of criminals by hanging. However it was Britain that influenced America's use of the death penalty more than any other country. When European settlers came to the new world, they brought the practice of capital punishment. The first recorded killing took place in Virginia in 1608. By 1612, the Divine, Moral and Martial Laws were enacted by Governor Sir Thomas Dale. This law ignited the death penalty on citizens for even minor offenses such as stealing grapes, killing chickens, and trading with Indians. Today
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Ortiz 2 there are many reasons that Capital Punishment is still used as a form of justice in America (Wrenn). Just punishment is an extremely important part of our government. It serves as the main factor why the death penalty still exists in this country Just punishment is defined as; a punishment is only a punishment if it recognizes the seriousness of the crime. “Let the punishment fit the crime” is a generally accepted and sound precept. The “eye for an eye” mentality of the law, leads society to determine what punishment fits the premeditated taking of innocent human life. To be proportionate to the offense of cold-blooded murder, the penalty for such an offense must acknowledge the inviolability of human life. Murder differs from other crimes not merely in degree. Murder also differs in kind. Indeed this is true so these criminals must be kept together separate from society and prisoners of different crimes. High security will obviously but death does not have to occur no matter how devastating the murder may seem to all parties involved. Only by allowing for the possibility of a capital sentence can society fully recognize the seriousness of homicide. Indeed, to restrict the punishment of the most aggravated murders to imprisonment conveys a deplorable message. Many other crimes, such as serious drug trafficking and sexual offenses, are currently punished with lengthy sentences, and in some
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final paper final - Ortiz Daniel Ortiz Professor Bannowsky...

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