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Dan Ortiz Purpose Use chemical and physical properties of materials to separate the components of a homogenous mixture. Materials Snap carp jar,dish,25 ml gc.stirring rod, wash bottle with distilled water,tripod,wire gauze,Bunsen burner,tongs,desicooler. Procedure Get unknown mixture. Record number.get solid unknown in snap car jar. Weigh to .001 grams and record. Add 2.5 grams of unknown to evap dish, weigh to .0001 grams and record the weight. Add 25 ml of distilled water to mixture and stir to dissolve the NaCl.repeat water wash 3 times. Set up tripod wire gauze and Bunsen burner. Place in
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Unformatted text preview: ravp dish on the wire gauze and heat for 5 min . use tongs to remove. Allow to cool for 15 min. weigh the dish to .0001 grams and record.reheat for 2 min, cool and reweight. Record the wight. Add 25 ml of 1 m hcl to evap dish and stir gently for 2 min to react the aCa CO3 .pur liq . reap with 10 ml portion of 1m HCl 2 times then wash with 10 ml portion of distilled water. Dry the solids as before and weigh the evap dish to .001 grams.record weight. Safety Broken glass, wear glasses, hot tongs,watch heated water.all gas must be turned off...
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